Charity Mbithe

  • Events Host/MC/Moderator
  • Communication and Public Relations Consultant
  • Team Building Facilitator


Events hosted


Communication and Public Relations Projects managed


Team Building engagements

Services offered:

Charity Mbithe has expertly hosted over 100 corporate events, ensuring each one runs smoothly and leaves a lasting impression. Her dynamic presence and ability to engage diverse audiences make her an exceptional choice for any corporate gathering.

Events Host


Charity Mbithe Corporate MC
Charity Mbithe Corporate Communication and Public Relations Consultant.


Communication & PR Consultant

Under Kaizen Consultancy, Charity serves as a skilled Rapporteur, consultant, and Trainer, partnering with project-based organizations to enhance their communication and PR strategies. She specializes in strategic communications and community engagement, ensuring effective message delivery and robust stakeholder relationships.

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Team Building Facilitator

Kaizen Consultancy designs and facilitates interactive team-building sessions that foster collaboration and boost morale among employees. Her engaging activities and insightful guidance help teams develop stronger connections and work more effectively together.


About Charity Mbithe

Charity Mbithe

Charity is a distinguished professional in hosting and moderating corporate events, bringing with her many years wealth of experience having hosted and moderated 100+ events possessing a proven track record in the dynamic field of communication and public relations. She is a trusted authority in her field. Her career has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, evident in her ability to foster enduring stakeholder relationships, and steer successful communication and public relations campaigns. 

Beyond her impressive track record, she is also the Founder and Lead Consultant at Kaizen Consultancy, a forward-thinking entity grounded in the Japanese principle of “continuous improvement.” The firm’s innovative solutions are designed to elevate brands, establish robust relationships through Strategic Communication and Public Relations Consultancy, Corporate Team Building, and Corporate Promotional Products (Printing and Branding).

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