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    Corporate Events Host/ Moderator, Communication and Public Relations Consultant

Hello, Iā€™m Charity Mbithe

I am a charismatic Communication and Public Relations Expert, who knows how to make headlines without losing her cool. I have hosted 50+ events as well as designed and managed 40+ projects. With the grace of a swan and the wit of a stand-up comedian, I effortlessly spin the PR magic. Rumor has it that my secret weapon is a smile that can charm even the most stubborn journalists. Look who’s trying to be funny!

Corporate Events Moderator/MC

We had some amazing guest speakers at the summit who brought valuable insights and stories to the table. People like Vaishnavi Soundarrajan, the Regional Manager of Marketing for the Middle East & Africa at Zoho Corporation; Momina Ali Sheikh, the Chief Operating Officer of Figo Plus; Lizzie Costabir, CEO of BuyRentKenya; Marryanne Akoth, Director of Programs at Strathmore Business School; the famous digital content creator Just Ivy; and Loise Mboo, Chief of Staff and Director of Wellness at the Open Institute all shared their knowledge and expertise. Their words left a lasting impression on everyone who attended, reminding us of the importance of empowering women in the business community.

About Charity Mbithe

I am an all-round communication and public relations specialist with over 6 years considerable experience in designing and implementing traditional and digital information and communication strategies for different organizations. I am a charismatic and persuasive speaker, and corporate EMCEE.

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