Women in Business Summit by Zoho


(March 2024)

I had the honor of moderating the Women in Business Summit and EmpowerHER Awards hosted by Zoho which brought together more than 200 attendees. This event was all about celebrating the incredible strength, resilience, and achievements of women in the business world, while also recognizing the importance of International Women’s Day. It was a really inspiring gathering where women leaders and entrepreneurs came together to support each other and share their experiences.

We had some amazing guest speakers at the summit who brought valuable insights and stories to the table. People like Vaishnavi Soundarrajan, the Regional Manager of Marketing for the Middle East & Africa at Zoho Corporation; Momina Ali Sheikh, the Chief Operating Officer of Figo Plus; Lizzie Costabir, CEO of BuyRentKenya; Marryanne Akoth, Director of Programs at Strathmore Business School; the famous digital content creator Just Ivy; and Loise Mboo, Chief of Staff and Director of Wellness at the Open Institute all shared their knowledge and expertise. Their words left a lasting impression on everyone who attended, reminding us of the importance of empowering women in the business community.